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Referral Agencies

We'd be happy to set you up as one of our referral agencies as we know our clients come from all walks of life so the more we are connected the better we can help serve them.

We are an emergency service so the idea is that you would refer a client (including their household) either by an E- referral or by a red voucher.

An E-referral allows you to refer online and you give the client a unique referral code that they would give us when coming to collect their food.

Alternatively, you could request a batch of our physical paper red vouchers which we send out to you (requests by registered agencies made to [email protected]).

You would fill these vouchers in, hand to your client who would then bring them to us when they come to pick up their food parcel during our opening hours.


In order for your organisation to be set up, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Organisation Name and Address
  2. Main Contact First and Last Name
  3. Their Job Role
  4. Their Email Address
  5. Their Work Phone Number

Please email this information to: [email protected]



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